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GrapeTC Lite is OS image for PXE/Net/Local booting Thin Clients stations. GrapeTC Lite is an OS image created for easy and safe terminal access with many protocols. GrapeTC Lite is modern, safe and fast operating system. It's modern because it has possibility to connect to modern Windows and UNIX servers with supporting USB devices redirect(also support redirect device into RDP session) and modern printers support. It's safe because it can use encrypted protocols, it has included VPN client which can be used with Windows PPTP servers. It's fast because it starts less then 30 seconds in default configuration and can be used even on i486 PC. Besides GrapeTC Lite is extremely easy for using and also universal in use. GrapeTC Lite can be loaded over PXE booting or from internal/external IDE or USB device or from HTTP/HTTPS/Ftp servers. GrapeTC Lite has Wi-Fi and widescreen support. GrapeTC Lite let you keep all configuration files on any HTTP/FTP/HTTPS server.

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